Barbara Rother

Student, IUBH Campus Studies

Already in early times I was influenced through events, which happened at the art gallery of my mother. Since, I was little assisted there and after getting old enough I joint my mother to several international art fairs. Even then I was fascinated by the organization of events and wanted to learn more about it. Therefore, I decided to do an internship at an event agency after my A-level. However, organizing different events and looking into the happy faces of the clients, pointed out what I wanted to do.

At the end of my internship the event agency offered me an apprenticeship to become an event manager. For that reason I faced the choice whether to do an apprenticeship or to study event management. Finally, the possibility to study in English and the combination between praxis and theory at the IUBH University of Applied Sciences, convinced me of a study program.

For instance, the organization of a summer festival or a Christmas market, practice-oriented projects in cooperation with different companies and the implementation of an internship during the study program, gives you the chance to gather first impressions of the real professional life. Another factor which influenced my decision to study event management was that you get taught knowledge in different areas, for instance, in marketing, accounting and economics.

With this broad knowledge one has the best conditions for applying at the labor market.

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