Interview with CEO Dr. Sven Schütt

“By 2030 the education sector will have changed more dramatically than in the last 2000 years”


Sven Schütt, you joined the Career Partner Group as CEO in autumn 2010. Can you tell us: How was the idea of starting up Career Partner born and what was your main driving factor?

Although universities have always been places for research and innovation, the way they teach, which is their core task, has hardly changed at all. Today, with the emerging technologies available to us in a digital world, we can improve teaching extensively. Through more effective and student-oriented teaching methods, I am convinced that we can educate people better for a successful career in a digital world than is currently the case at traditional universities. And that’s our approach at Career Partner.

Since your launch in 2007, what has changed in your platform and your target market?

Basically everything: In 2011 we started our growth initiatives for online and dual studies. Over the past few years, we have launched trillions of small bullet-like growth initiatives. Many have not worked. But learning from these mistakes has helped us navigate to our current success.

What countries do you provide services to and what are your plans for further expansion?

Our core market is still German-speaking countries. In the last 12 months, however, with “Online International “ we have launched an online university focusing on non-OECD countries. We have started marketing in India and Nigeria and are currently testing five more countries.

How do you adapt your product to different markets?

This is definitely the biggest challenge on our way to internationalisation. A central challenge is to appropriately reflect the different cost levels in the individual countries in the tuition fees. To address this, we have developed a unique and data-driven scholarship approach that allows us to adapt to local pricing levels.

How does it work from a student’s perspective?

In our study programmes, everything is tailored to the needs and preferences of the students. They can decide when and where they want to study, when and in which form they want to take an exam, and they can determine their own learning tempo and type of media. Our flexible models also help students to maximise their learning progress and shorten their learning time accordingly.

How can universities benefit from Career Partner?

Many of our competitors in the educational market have begun to copy several of our innovations, such as our online exams. Our flexible study model has become the status quo in Germany. We are pleased that we are helping the entire sector to become more focused on the individual needs of students.

How do you think EdTech will impact schools and universities in the next 10 years?

In ten years most of us will be learning with a teaching bot in a highly personalised way that maximizes the learning outcome in the shortest possible time. Many will use brain chips to accelerate learning, and we will have learned to use AIs to improve our learning and performance. I am convinced that by 2030 the education sector will change faster and more dramatically than in the last 2000 years.



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Sven Schütt, you joined the Career Partner Group as CEO in autumn 2010. Can you tell us: How was the idea of starting up Career Partner born and what was your main driving factor? » read more

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