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Education Technology

Mobile learning, virtual classrooms, online assessments, micro learning or adaptive learning systems: modern e-learning today can combine a large number of different learning technologies and teaching concepts.

With our experience in developing comprehensive online learning programs, designing e-learning solutions and implementing web-based learning environments, Career Partner is a perfect partner for any online learning venture.

We work with outstanding partner to embed only the most innovative, cost efficient and secure e-learning solutions in your online learning programs. As such, we are your number one supplier in identifying and implementing the right technology for your company and training need: from Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to skill assessment solutions or mobile and social learning tools.


Virtual Learning Environments

In 2014, customers could choose from about 600 commercial and open-source learning management systems and learning platforms. While we certainly don’t know all of them, we have worked with quite a number of them, amongst others the IMC Learning Suite, Cornerstone OnDemand, Skillsoft, Mzinga or Moodle. Therefore we have a pretty clear understanding of what state-of-the-art solutions should offer and how we can identify the right system for our customers.


Video-Based Teaching

Guess what: there are more than 40 million cat videos on YouTube. That’s billions of minutes potentially wasted time. Well, we aim to put video to a better use: Video-based teaching is one of the favorite learning formats amongst students and a very efficient teaching tool, significantly increasing learning performance. Career Partner has produced some several hundred hours of learning videos and implemented a number of virtual classroom training concepts. The result: higher learning motivation and better learning outcomes for a good value.


Mobile Learning

Our mobile learning concepts both increase learning outcomes and reduce overhead training costs such as lodging, transportation costs or absenteeism. With our digital learning materials, e.g. e-scripts, online assessments, learn videos, virtual classroom meetings or social learning tools we enable your staff to learn anywhere, anytime. Not only can your employees use idle time to acquire new knowledge and skills. Learning content and materials can also be distributed more easily and remain accessible after trainings as well.

And even if you don’t want to eliminate physical on-site trainings, our e-learning and blended learning solutions will support you in even better serving the needs of your company and staff, and in increasing the efficiency of your corporate trainings. Which is quite a good reason to give us a try, don’t you think?

Who we are

We are Germany’s leading full-service provider of human resource development and private higher education. We believe that innovative technology revolutionized learning in the 21st century and offer our customers a new learning experience with maximum and sustainable impact.

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