Global Blended Learning Program

Project Description: Career Partner GmbH was hired by one of the world’s leading logistic companies to design a global training programme for its employees in the field of customer service/operations, and to implement the programme in cooperation with the company.

The programme was set up in a blended-learning format which combined online courses (WBT), printed materials, on-the-job activities, and classroom seminars.

In addition to general background knowledge about the industry, participants learned about corporate strategies, products and processes to enhance their ability to make greater contributions to the implementation of company objectives. The training defines a standard of knowledge for over 20,000 employees and will be accessible to all new employees of the company. At a transnational level, the programme also promotes standardised professional service delivery and has a focus and scope that is unique to this industry. It is expected to be translated into 9 languages.

The training programme involves a total of 10 training days. This includes classroom seminars, online courses, on-the-job activities, working with a handbook, and discussions with supervisors. The programme is integrated into daily working hours so that the course can be completed within four months.

The programme is initially being piloted in 10 countries in Europe, South and Central America, Asia and Africa. A sequential rollout to all worldwide locations will start at the end of 2014.

Who we are

We are Germany’s leading full-service provider of human resource development and private higher education. We believe that innovative technology revolutionized learning in the 21st century and offer our customers a new learning experience with maximum and sustainable impact.

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