Development of a company-specific dual degree programme

Project description: In 2014 Career Partner worked with a successful German hotel chain with market presence in Germany, Austria and England and realised a unique way of working together to recruit and develop young managers.

At the company’s headquarters in Munich an in-house campus was established that not only offers traditional forms of training but also a fully accredited dual bachelor degree programme in tourism that is designed to meet the company’s specific needs. This unique programme is open for up to 25 applicants and young executives per annum.

Being that corporate culture and employee training within a company are crucial for strategic positioning, market profile and customer opinion, this degree programme is a key factor for the company’s sustained economic success. This company specific degree course not only makes it easier to gain advantage over other established competitors in the war for talent, but also makes it possible to anchor central company values such as customer and service orientation from the very start of training future managers.

For the successful implementation of this ambitious project it was essential to develop and accredit a study format that met the specific requirements of the company. The traditional approach of dual studies, with its weekly alternation between practical work and classroom learning, would not have been logistically and economically feasible for a target group that is geographically distributed throughout German language speaking countries.

With it years of experience cooperating with clients in the planning and implementation of academic programmes, Career Partner developed an optimal solution in the form of a dual degree programme with more concentrated attendance periods per semester lasting 7 to 10 days each and succeeded in getting the programme accredited. The high expectations of this project were confirmed by the high demand within the company for the first 25 study places.

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